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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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If you or a loved one has suffered a serious onthejob injury it is critically important to protect your rights You may be entitled to significant benefits in the form of workers compensation but one wrong move can prove catastrophic an employers workers compensation insurance company may take action to do whatevers possible to limit your benefits or even deny your benefits altogether Because the insurance companies and employers are protecting their interests you need someone protecting yours We at Thill and Freeman PLLC have more than a quarter century of experience working on workers compensation cases and protecting the rights of injured workers after workrelated accidents We will do everything possible to maximize your workers compensation and other potential benefits Attorney Mark Freeman worked for years in workers compensation representing insurance companies This avails him to all information about how insurance companies value and try to limit benefits This comprehensive knowledge is something that only those who have immersed themselves in the defense side of the process know and allows us to determine and maximize settlements for our clients
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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